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Celstial Melodies ~ testimonials

....Judy’s music comes from a deeply human and “feelingful” place…..,emotion is always mediated by intellect and craft occupies a high place in her compositions. Works like the wonderful Mary McLeod Bethune Suite, a setting of Bethune’s powerful “Last Will and Tetament,” show Judy’s impressive gift for capturing a larger affect, while giving sensitive treatment to each word of text. My community chorus and I were very pleased with the piece we recently commissioned her to do, “The Gift to Sing”, a setting of a James Weldon Johnson poem. Our singers and audiences alike are eager and excited for every chance they can get to experience Judith Baity’s music!

James B. Kinchen, Music Director
The Milwaukee Choristers
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

...Ms. Judy, as we call her at Piano Play, has played a significant part in the success of our company…….Her compositional skills and writing styles vary from country, rock, gospel and classical. You name it, Ms. Judy most likely has done it! I have heard her own personal works from solo piano, choral to her latest children’s KWANZAA CD, Nguzo Saba, Kwanzaa Songs for Children. All of (her) compositions, in my opinion, are musically superb……

Sharon Shaheed. CEO
Piano play Music Systems, Inc.
Sherman Oaks, California

...Her silken, transparent instrumental writing flows naturally from the spirit of the tune………

Tom Strini, Music Critic
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A transformation of a legend’s last will and testament into a living legacy of song and spoken word………..Wrod for word, Baity’s world premier transformed Bethune’s will into a living legacy,…..a triumph: Baity’s work. It entertained a delighted audience……..

Laura Stewart, Fine Arts Writer
The Daytona Beach News-Journal

"Judith Baity's Mary McLeod Bethune Suite is sensitive yet powerful, thought-provoking, and uplifting portrayal of a major figure in the history of American civil rights. It's a pleasure to perform and a joy to hear!"

Jamin Hoffman, Conductor
The Concord Chamber Orchestra
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Heritage Chorale of Milwaukee is honored to have premiered several of Judith Baity's most noted choral works.
Our members are most receptive to her unique style of choral expression and she continues to be one of our composers of preference.

Ella J. Washington
Founder and Artistic Director

“Nguzo Saba: The Seven Social and Spiritual Principles of Kwanzaa” is a fantastic introduction to the African-American holiday, Kwanzaa, and is appropriate for grades K-12. In a musical repertoire arena which is truly lacking in quality published material for teaching students in this subject, I was thrilled to find something written with children in mind, yet with sophisticated accompaniments, melodies and the true African-American spirit of cultural heritage evident in the overall form of the piece. As a teacher, this piece truly inspired me and also taught me more about Kwanzaa’s true meaning and principles, which I could then pass on more confidently to my students. The piece is set to energetic and uplifting piano accompaniments with a strong gospel and melodic emphasis that is suitable and appealing for younger voices, at the appropriate ranges, yet with distinct and powerful melodic motives to emphasize the Swahili text. Students at all age levels are drawn to the rhythms of the ensemble settings, introduced at our school between grades K-12. I found that Nguzo Saba was very appropriate material for promoting unity and cultural diversity in a school music program. The accompaniment CD with sample tracks, produced and co-arranged by Sujin Nam, is very high quality and a great learning tool when teaching the music styles of the piece. Judith Baity is a talented, experienced, and remarkable composer who arranges with sincere musicianship in mind for both voices and instruments in the context of an inspiring theme. We were very proud and honored to perform her music at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, and look forward to working with her still, while performing more of her music in the future. For anyone struggling to find quality, fun, and inspiring Kwanzaa music for your students…..this is it and your students will LOVE singing and performing it!”

Rebecca Bailey
The Buckley School, Lower and Middle School Music
Sherman Oaks, California