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Recent Performances

The Buckley School - December 18, 2007

The Buckley School of Sherman Oaks, California, each year, celebrates the holiday season by presenting several concerts in a musical series, most recently known as Celebrate the Winter in Song. Last holiday season, these concerts, featuring the music of many cultures, were presented by several student choral ensembles from Buckley’s lower school. In celebration of the African American holiday, Kwanzaa, the songs of Judith M. Baity, UMOJA, UJIMA, and KUUMBA, were performed. These compositions are selections from Ms. Baity’s work, Nguzo Saba, Songs for Children. Lower school music director, Rebecca Bailey, conducted the various ensembles.

  • Students of the Buckley School participating in their Holiday Concert on December 18, 2007
  • Buckley students (foreground) Sophie Hood, Garnett March II, Charlie Rubin, McKenzie Aladjem and Silvia Garrett
  • Judith Baity and Buckley students Isabelle Gunn and Drew Michelman
  • Judith Baity and Dr. Larry Dougherty, Head of School at the Buckley School
  • Rebecca Bailey, Lower School Music director - The Buckley School and Judith Baity
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